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Casting national brands and composing glorious chapters -- Xinhua medical glory unveiled the fourtee

2021-01-08 10:49:13 Website Name Read

On March 2017 12-14, fourteenth Chinese (International) inspection and medical transfusion instrument reagent Expo (CACLP spring) held in Qingdao, Xinhua medical diagnostics division with Suzhou Huayi light Biomedical Engineering Limited production of chemical luminous products exhibition debut.

China (International) inspection and medical transfusion instrument reagent Expo (CACLP spring) was founded in 1991, after twenty-five years of continuous development and expansion, CACLP spring has become the largest, most exhibitors, exhibition content most abundant, the most professional and most widely influential, the number of participants up to the professional commercial exhibition. The exhibition will fully display new technologies and products for in vitro diagnostics at home and abroad, and strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation between enterprises in production and operation, so as to promote the rapid development of China's laboratory medicine industry. The exhibition has more than 700 domestic and foreign in vitro diagnostic production enterprises and related enterprises exhibitors, booth size of more than 2000. More and more people are paying attention to quality products.

The show has just begun, the participants arrived, Xinhua Medical Department of in vitro diagnostic booth Reuben sound Ding Fei, some admiring, some were attracted to our unique products. Come to consult the product partners in an endless stream. We are interested in acridine ester chemiluminescence platform, interested in, have come forward to ask for information, consulting detailed product information, booth atmosphere unusually hot.

As a national famous brand Xinhua medical department together with the in vitro diagnosis by the Suzhou Huayi light Biomedical Engineering Co. Ltd. the new AE180 and AE240 chemiluminescence immunoassay technology platform, unveiled in Qingdao International Exhibition center. Its advantages and characteristics, have received new and old customers at the scene of unanimous approval and praise.

The acridine ester chemiluminescence platform demonstrated by Xinhua medical division in vitro diagnostics is the international mainstream chemiluminescence technology platform. Developed by Suzhou's light Huayi Biomedical Engineering Co. Ltd., and successfully developed tumor markers of infectious diseases, such as hormones, more than 100 series of reagents, this is also the first domestic acridiniumester technology platform. Acridiniumester has launched a full automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system -- AE180 and AE240 chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, the main indicators have reached international advanced level, platform using the biotin avidin system, improved reagent sensitivity, wide linear range, fast response speed, high specificity, high sensitivity and high stability. The characteristics of high accuracy.

During the exhibition, Xinhua medical department in vitro diagnostics held a satellite meeting of "technical platform and tumor markers," director Yan Guangtao invited Beijing 301 Hospital for participants, director Yan were explained in simple terms on the luminescent platform acridiniumester chemistry, detailed analysis of the technical advantages of acridine ester chemiluminescence platform. And to carry out the project of tumor markers are introduced in detail, then director Sun Guirong Affiliated Hospital of Qiingdao University were invited to explain the sex topic, two speech brilliant professor, by the presence of the participants bursts of applause. The satellite will live interactive to All seats are occupied..

The Qingdao exhibition, fully demonstrated the in vitro diagnostic Xinhua medical division in the forefront of high-tech achievements and development strength, has created the hardware and technology foundation for the development of in vitro diagnostic work, to further enhance the national brand's international reputation and influence, has attracted extensive attention of the participants, the market responded enthusiastically.

It is reported, Xinhua medical department in the future planning of in vitro diagnostics to clear the cutting-edge technology product development direction, aim and focus on market, focus on the advantages of giving priority to the development of the market capacity, breakthrough technology platform easy to collapse and economic benefits of quick characteristics of product line; vigorously promote the abundance and horizontal integration, and gradually to the inspection department of the overall solution scheme of direction development, realize the double enhance the efficiency and value of clinical diagnosis.

As the Iron Man Road, CHAMC! The future, Xinhua medical diagnostics Division will always uphold customer-centric philosophy, strive to improve the quality of products, new technology breakthroughs continue to lead the industry in vitro diagnostic, casts on the national brand, famous in the global market. For the healthy cause of human society, to provide better service, and make greater contributions! (text / Guo Siyuan)